Client Testimonials

Client testimonials praise the sophisticated, surprising, inventive and creative selections made by Mary McMurray of Art First Colors for Architecture:

Good Morning Mary, The outside of our home was painted yesterday, and it looks incredible. We love the colors you chose. It makes such a difference. Color is so crucial. I am meeting with the painter tomorrow to go over the interior colors. It should be complete in a week or so. Mary, thanks for your contribution to this home. I love how it looks! Have a great day
— Liza B.

"Consider beauty as much as function. I hired an artist rather than an interior decorator. Mary McMurray of Portland's Art First ... refined the concepts. She suggested ways to blend color and texture without dumbing down the room into white and beige. She was worth every penny of her fee." ~ Angela Allen, author of "Recipe for a Kitchen Remodel" in The Columbian

I must admit, when you first suggested thirteen colors for my new salon I was a bit skeptical. But you came highly recommended so I decided to go with your suggestion. This is my fifth salon and by far the salon we get the most comments on. Clients love the ambiance and continually comment on how relaxing the salon is. They love how you have coordinated the color...each room, being slightly different, produces a mood of its own. Great job, Mary. Many thanks.
— Ted Isaacs: a commercial interior client.

"Just a note of appreciation. The inside painting is completed and we are thrilled with it. This weekend we hosted our families' pumpkin carving/painting party and no could believe the change. One of my brothers-in-law said, "Wow, you painted and bought all new furniture". When I told him there was no new furniture (except a lamp from Target), he could not believe it. The colors make such a difference. Then he looked around again and said, "It's so elegant". That is from a man! My mother-in-law is going to now use color in her house, she was so enthused with ours. We cannot say enough good things about your service and the wonderful outcome we had. Please feel free to come out any time to see it. Thanks again. We are looking forward to painting the outside next Spring and we tell everyone about you." ~ Susan A. Albany, Oregpn

Mary, Thanks sooo much! It’s really looking great!!
— ~Patty S. an exterior color client

"I'm a word person; colors can confuse me: I've had bare white walls to hang art on. I've spent many a rainy day feeling that the universe was smeared with too much gray. I've hid that I'm not sure what color periwinkle is. I'd never hazard a guess about what three or four colors might look nice with peach.
That's why Mary McMurray of ART FIRST was such a treasure when I wanted to repaint four rooms in my fifty-year- old Irvington home. I told her that I like roses and blues; teals and yellows make me bilious. I sensed that some color would bring out the lovely red in my oriental carpet better than the creamy off-white that bored me after 18 years.
My consultation with Mary seemed to go well. She had color chips, a terrific portfolio of exciting ­ and sometimes daring ­ ideas. She listened attentively and asked what I used my rooms for, when I used them, and how I wanted them to feel. Two days later she returned with suggestions for how to paint my rooms.
I gulped. These colors she laid on the table challenged every notion I had about ceilings and walls. Then I decided that her solutions were not only beautiful, they were brilliant. I asked her to figure how much paint I'd need so I could get started.
Four months later, all the rooms are finished. I'll confess to an intense moment of doubt when the first swatch went up in the living room, but I had faith and forged on.
The feel of rightness of the colors she chose has drawn comment from every one of my guests. I have never felt more at home in my home.
You bet I hand out her cards! She brought warmth and grace to a home I dearly love." ~ Tricia K., Portland, Oregon

Thanks Mary, You bring peace of mind with your wisdom
— Nicole S.

Mary at Art First Colors is absolutely the best "color-picker-outer" (as my contractor calls her!) you could hope for. I have used her services for commercial as well as residential projects.  Interior and exterior.  I strongly recommend her.  She has genius skills in the use of color, including it's effect on behavior.  In my commercial project she factored the function of each room into her recommendations.  Want retail merchandise to pop?  Don't want people feeling nauseous in your cafe?  Want to "promote lively conversation," or "stage successful bridal photographs?"  Her selections are sophisticated, surprising, inventive, and creatively placed.  One of my favorite examples is the silvery-sage color she chose for my ballroom ceiling.  I also had her select colors for my residence and a mountain cabin.  Whatever she charges will seem like a bargain when you see what she adds to the value and enjoyment of your property. -Barbara L.

Have you ever painted a room, or worse the entire outside of your house, and decided the color was not what you wanted at all? Well, I have - too many times. I first hired Mary when I moved to Portland. I had no furniture in the house - only pictures of it. In an hour, she helped me choose colors for every room and after I moved everything in, it was perfect. She later helped me with a remodel – again paint colors and also kitchen tile and Formica. I was very happy with everything. When I moved again I again called her and she helped me with paint colors inside and out; and everything turned out just the way I wanted it.
Mary is very easy to work with. She has a case full of swatches and knows a lot about color. She can tell you if you need a warm or cool color, what it will look like at night or in daylight. She’s very good at making sure that everything goes well together: ceiling color compliments walls, etc.; and she will steer you in the right direction if you have some idea in mind but you’re not quite sure how to implement it. I have wasted so much money over the years on paint and then wasn’t happy with it. She is extremely knowledgeable and the money will be well spent. I highly recommend her.
— Sue P.