Residential colors at a distance


How we work together online or by mail
Send me several good photos of your house plus a completed order form.
Also make payment using the price list above.

• We talk about your project, preferences, and goals in a phone intake interview
• I adjust the images you send and print high quality color enlargements, which I study in my studio to select your best color options
• I give you 3 options for the body color, using a national paint brand easily available to you.
• You view these selections at your local paint store. I advise buying small size samples of the paints and applying them to large pieces of white board, or directly on your building. And tell me which one you like the best
• I select trim colors for the main features on your house to complement the body color of your choice, and accent colors for shutters, porches, and other areas
• You receive the final color specifications, exactly describing where each color will be placed on your home,
• And if required, a color placement map showing the color numbers marked on an enlarged elevation photo of the building
Every project includes Email and phone conversations to answer any and all of your project-related questions. Just contact me at 503 287 4354 or at

* How to send your order
1. Select several good photos of your house
2. Click here for the Order Form and the file will download or open in a new tab/window, depending on your browser. You can also right-click, or option-click on a Mac, to download the file.

3. To send by  eMail: click on the link, check that it says COLOR ORDER in the Subject field, attach your completed form plus several good photos of your house, up to 5.5 MB.
4. Or you can send by SURFACE MAIL: Select several good photographic prints of your house and include your completed order form. Include a check made out to ART FIRST, or pay by PayPal on this page. Mail your packet to: ART FIRST, P.O. Box 14644, Portland, OR 97293. 

A client in Florida writes:

Dear Mary, I can’t thank you enough for generously sharing your talents to benefit the animals of the Leon County Humane Society. The exterior color scheme was perfect for us. The members absolutely love the changes. It feels like a wonderful place to adopt. I have gotten so much positive feedback. We are having the outside photographed by a professional , but here are a few of mine that give you a sense of the new look!!!  Your kind response to my plea was such a God-send. Your work will benefit lots more animals who need homes… Thank you, Mary!   Wags, Tracey Van Hook, President, Leon County Humane Society

From an Interior Color client in Pennsylvania:

Dear Mary, The painters are finished and they may be in touch with you as they loved the colors, also. The bronze color is magical as it appears new and different in each change of light. I also favor the misty looking ceiling in the powder room. Thank you for your creativity and quick service. Sincerely, Cindy