Multi-family housing

Whether you have an apartment building or a condominium, a duplex, row houses or townhouses, multi-dwelling units all benefit from attractive exterior and interior paint colors and design. Mary McMurray is an expert at pulling many design factors together in harmony, and helps groups of property owners reach agreeable design consensus.

Harmonize groups of condominiums 

Groups of buildings can have a new unified look while each unit maintains a distinct identity. With groups of condominium buildings, Art First will select  main colors and compliment them with accent colors that preserve a community feeling. We also choose new interior colors for lobbies that suit the character of each place.  New carpets, awning fabric or other materials selected by Art First will brighten and harmonize the overall color palette. 

Satisfied Condominium owners write:

"Mary, I like to focus on the positive and I AM SO PLEASED WITH THE COLOR CHOICES THAT HAVE COME TO LIGHT SO FAR!!! The Lobby colors are wonderful. The first of the eight buildings you evaluated, is complete and furniture back per your suggestions _ I am hearing compliments!! Thank you again" ~ Joyce

Repaint in our attractive designs

In a drab multi-unit dwelling, row house or townhouse, a resident can often feel anonymous, not "at home". But the same structure becomes a refreshingly inviting building with our color designs.  

A block can become a good looking building

Many blocks of apartments, flats or duplexes have been "hidden" in drab paint colors. Tenants will appreciate coming home to their good looking building when updated with our color selections.

Other buildings painted with our colors :

  • Riverplace Condominiums, Portland Marina, exterior and interior paint color design
  • Royal Manor Condominiums, S.W. Portland                                            
  • Harbour Drive Townhomes on the Columbia River                                   
  • Irvington Row, N.E. Portland
  • Grace Apartments, NW Northrup, Portland, Oregon
  • Belle Court Apartments, NW Trinity Place, Portland
  • Trinity Place Apartments, Portland
  • Jeanne Manor, SW Park, Portland

and many more.