Commercial  Exterior Colors

Our visual surroundings directly influence our well-being: well-chosen exterior colors on a business lead to higher spirits and a sense of pleasant expectation even before we step inside. The right paint color design also brings direct economic benefits: better tenants and higher property values.

The beautiful new Dil Se Indian Cuisine is located at S.W. 12th and Jefferson, Portland; dil se means "from the heart". Interior design, colors, lighting, material selections and decorative accessories by Mary McMurray of Art First.  Delicious food served with warmth, courtesy of Shamla and Ramesh. Convenient to the Portland Art Museum, TOC the Old Church Concert Hall and PSU, Oregon.

Attractive interior colors in paint and materials make commercial buildings inviting to clients and customers, who prefer and trust visually appealing premises. Art First Colors for Architecture creates restaurants, theaters, health clinics and stadiums that people are proud to walk into. Fresh and interesting new color design will also improve employee retention and productivity.