Searching for the right colors?

I help people find the right paint colors and materials for homes, businesses, and community buildings that will help them achieve their goals. Whether your goal is to feel more energized, more peaceful, to improve a property for resale, or to bring more business into your space, the experience of color design that I provide is priceless. In addition, we can find the original paint colors on an historic property or create historic paint color palettes for interiors and exteriors. I save my clients time and money by getting the colors and material selections right, the first time. 

"Beauty inspires and heals us. It opens our hearts and nourishes our souls." - Stephanie Austin
”Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful” - Hazrat Inayat Khan

Color consultations and design services 

We at Art First Colors for Architecture provide exceptional services in color and design for home owners, business owners, sacred spaces, community buildings, and all types of structures both historic and contemporary.  Interior, exterior, commercial, and residential, we have a portfolio of beautiful color designs and testimonials to share. Improving the built environment for over twenty-five years.

An expert color consultant

Creatrix of Art First Colors for Architecture, Mary McMurray delights in helping to preserve, adorn, and materially improve all built structures. Her career spans buildings of every type, from cathedrals to Pullman train cars, condominiums to child care centers. A lifelong fascination with the power of color, a degree in Art and Art History from Cornell University and Mills College, and discriminating taste and experience enable her to provide the best color consultations and design services to her respected clientele.

Satisfied clients write: "Thanks for all your help: getting us going on our project, helping us avoid marital conflict and for being a nice person to work with ..